“PPC – For Instant Targeted Traffic”

Instant, Targeted Traffic with PPC

Pay per click advertising or PPC can deliver an outstanding ROI…if implemented and managed correctly.

It differs from organic traffic in a number of distinct ways, and delivers some real advantages over SEO, the primary one being the ability to switch it on and off instantly. Once your account is setup you have absolute control over how much you want to spend on each keyword, and where and when you want your advert to show.

The real benefit of PPC is the precision with which you can target your potential customers using, for example,  filters such as:

  • Geographical location down to specific postcodes
  • Device on which they’re searching (mobile, tablet or PC)
  • Language
  • The way in which they have used your target keyword
  • The presence or absence of keyword modifiers

Combined with other analytical tools and the internal conversion tracking, PPC can quickly highlight your profitable keywords from the others. In fact even if you’re going to go down the SEO route the sensible option is to do some PPC advertising first to determine which are your profitable keywords, which you can then go and target through an SEO campaign.

Whilst many small businesses will choose to setup their own PPC campaigns, this is not advisable for a number of reasons, the biggest being the bewildering array of settings that you need to understand in order to operate your account effectively.

Our methodology follows the following process:

  • Keyword research to identify the best target opportunities to maximise the returns achieved
  • Competitor analysis to see what others are bidding on, and how long they’ve been bidding on certain terms (it’s unlikely that a competitor is going to bid on a keyword for a long-time without it being profitable)
  • Account setup to reflect the distinct keyword groups that have been identified in the two previous stages
  • Implementation of conversion tracking
  • Daily monitoring of account and keyword performance
  • Ruthless elimination of under-performing keywords, whilst introducing new ones to extend the reach of the campaign
  • Using the data generated to iterate improvements to the account

With multiple accounts under management and oversight of nearly £25,000 in monthly advertising spend, we have the experience to setup and manage your PPC campaign, with the aim of quickly turning and maintaining a profit for you.

If you’d like to know more about our services in this area, contact us for a no obligation discussion. If you’re already setup and running with a PPC campaign on the Google Adwords platform we can carry out a quick audit for you to see what opportunities there are for improving your returns on advertising spend.


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