“A private members only site and community, with exclusive actionable content and access to expertise to help you grow your business, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day”

Affordable solution to growing your business using online tools and techniques

That’s what’s on offer within the membership site. Here’s what you can look forward to when you become a member:

  • Access to the tools and techniques that you need to grow your business, drip fed to each member on a regular basis
  • Forum access to experts who can answer your specific questions and help you build your business
  • A members only forum, where you can share ‘what’s working now’ , promote your business within the membership community, and tap into expertise that would normally cost you a small fortune
  • Every month you’re a member you’ll build ‘consulting credits’ which can be redeemed for one on one consulting or to purchase specific services
  • All members will have access to a special area within the forum, where they can offer discounts on their specific products and services to other members – A members special offer (MSO)
  • Members only networking events where everyone can meet, share and connect with other business owners.
  • As soon as you sign-up you’ll be given a special code, which you can use to promote the membership site to other business owners. for which you will earn a 50% commission for the life of the member. Help two businesses join, and your membership is effectively free….help 10 businesses join and you’ll make over a £1000 each and every year
  • In addition to regular updates to the content, including, articles, video’s and presentations you’ll have the chance to ‘vote’ for what content you want to see
  • Overtime the development of a community of local business owners who want to help each other succeed despite the tough economic climate

All of the above are available to you for a monthly subscription fee of only £26.00. A very small investment compared to your other business costs, and one which will pay back multiple times over.

This small business marketing community will open for business in July. If you’d like to be notified about the launch, and have the opportunity to lock in a special “charter membership” price enter your email below:

We will provide special pre-launch updates to all of you, and ask for your input on shaping the early content specifically to meet your needs.

Would your business benefit from a membership site?

If you’re in one of the following businesses, the answer has to be yes!

  • Business consultancy
  • Business, life or personal coaching
  • Personal trainer
  • Accountants
  • Authors on Amazon Kindle or traditional media
  • University lecturers
  • Real-estate agents
  • ….in essence any business where you have specific knowledge that others would like to access

The concept is simple. You charge your customers a one-off or a subscription fee to access content that you develop and make accessible in a secure membership site environment.

If you’d like to discuss whether this is a suitable model for your business. Contact us.


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