Results Driven Online Marketing For Your Small Business

Helping your business get more customers using the most effective online tools

Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC delivers instant targeted traffic precisely when you want it.
Mobile Marketing – How does our site look to the 30% of your website visitors who are using a mobile device?
SEO – Are you on page one of Google for your main keywords? We can help to get you there, with our …
Local Marketing – Working with small and medium sized business’ in the London area to help them grow their profits, using online marketing.
Websites – Website design and optimisation with the view to getting more customers

“Deliver more customers who buy more of your products & services, more often, using a full range of online strategies”

Our Process Is Simple:

We look at your current strategy for securing more customers, and help you multiply its effectiveness by using the latest in online technology. This might include:

  • Improving the visibility of your website in the search engines, so that when customers are looking for products or services you sell, you appear high up in Google rankings, through safe and effective small business SEO
  • Capturing the contact details of your website visitors to convert them to leads and eventually customers
  • Implementing a pay per click advertising campaign for your business, using your free £50 of credits from Google
  • Ensuring that the 30% of visitors that visit your site on a mobile device don’t see a garbled mess, and that your site is optimised for mobile platforms
  • Keeping you up to date, with the latest online techniques for bringing in more customers, and generating leads, so that your competition doesn’t leave you behind
  • Developing a social media strategy that does not become all consuming, but regularly delivers more customers

The number of things that you can do online right now to increase your profits is endless and grows by the day. The important thing is, knowing what works, and what delivers the best return on your hard earned investment.

“Most small businesses will struggle, stumble and eventually fall, for one simple reason – lack of customers”

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We’re in a recession, and no one can afford to ‘try’ things that may or may not work, which is why our consulting process is very methodical, and hand-crafted for your needs. One size certainly does not fit all, and in the fast paced world of internet marketing, things that worked well 6 months ago, are ineffective now.

Our consulting business is focused on delivering hand-crafted online marketing solutions for your small business, in order to deliver your business goals.

We appreciate that budgets are tight, and you may not need a full consulting solution, but simply some pointers that can help you exploit the opportunities to make the most of the internet. If that’s you, then we also have a solution for you.

We’ve introduced an affordable way, where you can get all the information and advice you need, for less than £1 a day. Follow the link to find out more about our membership site, where if you act quickly you can secure a “Charter member discount”.

“Lack of customers is directly related to the lack of effective marketing…and that’s where we can help”

Den Kara at Web Profits Consulting built the website for my new company (DNA Principal Forensics) and sorted out a great logo. I’m delighted with the overall professional appearance and functionality of the site. As a scientist, I have little experience of design and marketing and Den was quick to offer helpful advice and feedback on all aspects of these. The website has already generated new contacts which have increased the scope for business opportunities beyond my original plans. He has also provided post-setup support for updating the site and using networking sites to generate business. I’m happy to recommend Den and his company.

Sue Pope, DNA Principal Forensics, May 2012

Membership Site Details

We offer an affordable solution to small businesses that recognise the need to use the internet as tool for growing their business, but don’t know how to go about doing it. Inside our members area you’ll find the answer to rapidly growing your business, using the internet to secure more customers that buy more of your products and services more often. Click here to find out more and sign-up for our notification of launch and the “Charter member discount”.


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